Our Story

Where we met

We met on the white island that is Ibiza, Spain in the summer of 2014. So it’s only fitting we tie the knot in the same glorious location with all our family and friends.


Katie Putland

The Beautiful Bride

After countless holidays in Ibiza I never thought that it would be on my annual visit to the island where I would meet my future husband whilst relaxing in the hotel swimming pool.

After a fair few alcoholic beverages consumed mainly by Wayne, he plucked up the courage to jump in the pool and start a conversation with me…and the rest the say is history.

It wasn’t long before I fell in love with his caring and loving nature. I cannot wait to call him my husband.

Wayne Philips

The Golden Groom

Meeting Katie was luck, falling in love with her was easy.

Being in a relationship with Katie is effortless. She brings a smile to me every day and I can’t wait to be married to such a kind, caring and simply beautiful person.